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Be Informed: Dangers of Using Floss with PFAS

November 28, 2023

Did you know that some dental floss products may contain PFAS chemicals? These "forever chemicals" can pose health risks. According to @NIH's latest article, exposure to PFAS may have adverse effects on our health, including potential links to certain diseases.

 Stay Safe: Choose PFAS-Free Floss! Protect your oral health while avoiding unnecessary risks. \ Learn more from the NIH article: [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7906952/]

Reports of environmental and human health impacts of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have greatly increased in the peer-reviewed literature. The goals of the present review are to assess the state of the science regarding toxicological effects of PFAS and to develop strategies for advancing knowledge on the health effects of this large family of chemicals. Currently, much of the toxicity data available for PFAS are for a handful of chemicals, primarily legacy PFAS such as perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate. Epidemiological studies have revealed associations between exposure to specific PFAS and a variety of health effects, including altered immune and thyroid function, liver disease, lipid and insulin dysregulation, kidney disease, adverse reproductive and developmental outcomes, and cancer. Concordance with experimental animal data exists for many of these effects. However, information on modes of action and adverse outcome pathways must be expanded, and profound differences in PFAS toxicokinetic properties must be considered in understanding differences in responses between the sexes and among species and life stages. With many health effects noted for a relatively few example compounds and hundreds of other PFAS in commerce lacking toxicity data, more contemporary and high-throughput approaches such as read-across, molecular dynamics, and protein modeling are proposed to accelerate the development of toxicity information on emerging and legacy PFAS, individually and as mixtures. In addition, an appropriate degree of precaution, given what is already known from the PFAS examples noted, may be needed to protect human health.

Here are some PFAS Brands that we like for floss:

  1. Radius: Radius offers a dental floss called "Natural Biodegradable Silk Floss" that is advertised as PFAS-free.

  2. Dr. Tung's: Dr. Tung's offers a variety of dental floss products, and some of them are PFAS-free. Look for their "Smart Floss" or "Vegan Smart Floss," which are said to be PFAS-free.

  3. Tom's of Maine: Tom's of Maine, a well-known natural oral care brand, has a range of dental floss products that do not contain PFAS.

  4. Hello: Hello Oral Care offers dental floss products that are PFAS-free. They have options like "Hello Activated Charcoal Dental Floss" and others.

  5. The Humble Co.: The Humble Co. provides eco-friendly dental floss options that are free from PFAS and other harmful chemicals.

  6. COCO FLOSS: provides PFAS free floss

Your well-being matters, and making informed choices is essential. Share this post to raise awareness and keep your loved ones safe!  #HealthAwareness #DentalCare #PFASAwareness #StayInformed

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